Turbulent and Convective Plasma and its Spatial Structuring Change Drastically the tay Radiative Transfer of Continuous and Discrete (in Lines) Radiation in Internal and External Star Layers

  • Valerij A. Ostapenko EFHEF laboratory, Acad. of Ukrainian Academy of Science, Ukraine
Keywords: Turbulent and Convective Plasma, Radiative Transfer, Continuous and Discrete (in Lines) Radiation, Star Layers


The problems of the radiation diffusion and the spectral line formation in turbulent-convective plasma are researched on the base of hydrogen plasma of solar active formations. All types of plasma motions such as micro and macro turbulent as well as the directed flows are researched on the background of atom thermal movements. The theory of the spectral line profiles for 3D-structures as the arch systems with intensity plasma flows has been created. The methods of radiation diffusion for homogeneous plasmas ерфе have been created earlier need to be reviewed, since the turbulent medium changes the length of free path of photons of radically. The introduction of the average factor of self-absorption enables us to have the efficient way of getting physically correct results.


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