Effect Of Insecurity Of Security Officers On Nigeria Economic Prospect

  • Popoola Mufutau Akanmu ( PhD)Department of Business and Entrepreneurship, Kwara state university, Malete, Nigeria
  • Simba Popoola Lateef National Open university of Nigeria. (3) SHITTU Muili Olawale, National Open university of Nigeria
  • SHITTU Muili Olawale National Open university of Nigeria
Keywords: Economic Prospect, Human Security, Insecurity and Security.


This study examined the effect of insecurity of security officers on economic prospect in Nigeria. This work seeks to explain the meaning of security, insecurity, types of security, causes of insecurity of security officers and its effect on Nigeria economic prospect. The security officials in which  their statutory assignments are to secure life and properties of the citizens and aliens are to be firstly safe in order to discharge their duties diligently. Therefore a random sampling through distribution of 130 questionnaire to respondents. Also, secondary data such as relevant books, news papers, research articles and government publications in Nigeria were adopted. After the data analysis conducted, the findings testified that insecurity of security officials is evident in Nigeria as a result of many identified factors responsible for their insecurity which hindered Nigeria economic prospect as a result of discouragement cause to both existing and prospective investors locally and internationally, it also led to displacement of investors from crisis zone to peaceful area, sometimes led to relocation of industry to security assured country. After rigorous findings, this research concludes and recommended that, the government, civil society and every arms of the society must take a proactive approach to ensure that the safety of every security officials in Nigeria is given needed attention in order to address the issue.


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