One-loop contribution to the matter-driven expansion of the Universe

  • Boguslaw Broda Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics, University of Lodz, 90-236 Lodz, Pomorska 149/153, Poland
Keywords: one-loop graviton vacuum polarization, one-loop graviton self-energy, quantum corrections to classical gravitational fields, early Universe, quantum cosmology


Standard perturbative quantum gravity formalism is applied to compute the lowest order corrections to the spatially flat cosmological FLRW solution governed by ordinary matter. The presented approach is analogous to the one used to compute quantum corrections to the Coulomb potential in electrodynamics, or to the approach applied in computation of quantum corrections to the Schwarzschild solution in gravity. In this framework, it is shown that the corrections to the classical metric coming from the one-loop graviton vacuum polarization (self-energy) have (UV cutoff dependent) repulsive properties, which could be not negligible in the very early Universe.


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